FUT, or FIFA Ultimate Team, is a popular mode in the FIFA video game series where players can build their own team by buying and selling player cards. One important aspect of FUT is the use of contracts, which players must apply to their players in order to keep them on the team. Here`s how contracts work in FUT.

When a player card is acquired, it will have a certain number of contracts available. Each time the player is used in a game, one contract will be deducted from the card. Once all contracts have been used, the player will be unable to play until a new contract is applied.

Contracts can be acquired by opening packs or by purchasing them in the FUT store with coins or FIFA points (which require real-world currency). Some special packs may offer contracts at a discounted rate, so it`s worth keeping an eye out for those.

Players can also be sold with contracts remaining on their cards. When a player is sold, any remaining contracts will be transferred to the buyer.

It`s important to keep track of contracts and ensure that players have enough to continue playing. Running out of contracts can be frustrating and disrupt team chemistry.

In addition to regular contracts, there are also rare contracts which offer a higher number of games per contract. These are harder to come by but can be very valuable for top players.

In summary, contracts are a crucial aspect of FUT gameplay. Players must purchase and apply contracts to keep their players in action, and it`s important to stay on top of contract usage to avoid disruptions to team chemistry.